We'll qualify that. Over a JUMPER he gave her the last time she was on the Late Late Show.

Yes, the world's first supermodel - who's now an Ambassador / contestant / not exactly sure on Celebrity Big Brother - was waxing lyrical about 'oul Tubbers and a beautiful Aran jumper she received from her during her visit.

Dickinson, it seems, tried to make her housemates understand both the importance of her Aran sweater and who Ryan Tubridy was, which went down like a lead balloon.


It's the hand on the face that just lets you know where everyone is. "Ah-huh... sure..."

Needless to say, because something vaguely connected to Ireland was mentioned outside of RTE or TV3, Twitter was all over it.





It's a jumper, Janice. It's a wooly jumper. Given to you by a guy who hosts a TV show. That's it.


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