It's not very often that 'Graham Norton' has an emotional moment like this, but when you see it, you'll understand why it's worth talking about.

Jamie Foxx and Michael B. Jordan were on the Big Red Couch this week, promoting their latest movie 'Just Mercy' and its themes of incarceration and false imprisonment in the black community in the US. For Jamie Foxx, however, it was a much more personal story - as his own father spent time in prison.

You can see Foxx shift focus when he talks about how he dealt with that difficult time, explaining that he never visited his father in jail as he saw him "like a king", but also how the entire room just leans into the moment. When he pauses during his story, you could hear a pin drop - and how aware of Norton that he simply let the moment hang in the air.

It's a really powerful moment, and you can tell that everyone - not just Patrick Stewart, Jennifer Saunders or Norton himself - was caught up with him as he told it.

Take a look.