There is no one's star rising in Hollywood faster than Jamie Dornan's at the moment. The actor will be propelled to worldwide fame next year once the highly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie is released, and he's already scored a few more big roles on the back of it.

However the show that really got things started for him was The Fall, the BBC drama where the former model played the absolutely chilling character of serial killer Paul Spector.

The series returns soon for its second outing, and with Jamie Dornan becoming such hot property, you'd imagine he'd be too busy with bigger and better things to come back and do a third. However, Dornan has said that he has no intention of turning his back on the people that launched his acting career;

"I'm a very loyal person and if Allan Cubitt, the creator, wants to keep writing Spector, I'm in," Dornan told The Evening Herald.

The Northern Irish man also said he was delighted that the series ended up being shot in Belfast; "I was relieved to read something set in Northern Ireland that didn't directly involve the Troubles," he said.

As huge fans of The Fall, this really is great news to hear, as it's probably one of the most gripping series we have ever seen on the BBC. Give it a watch before the second season begins if you haven't already. Although you will be double locking your doors and checking under the bed for the foreseeable.... so you know like.