If you were watching Graham Norton last night, you'll have heard Jamie Dornan talking in great detail about his walks. Yes, really. But more importantly, the model-turned-actor confirmed that The Fall is due to start filming in the next couple of weeks. Reprising his role as serial killer Paul Spector, Dornan was keen to point out that it's not the only thing he's doing.

Dornan will soon be starring in new drama series The New World, a follow-up to BBC's historical drama The Devil's Whore. However, he remained tight-lipped about anything relating to 50 Shades of Grey other than the release date of Valentine's Day next year. Dornan went on to admit that he felt so bad about filming the violent scenes with the various actresses on The Fall that he apologised to them afterwards. As you do.

Here he is talking about his funny walk, which to be honest, doesn't look funny to us at all.