The poor lad gets absolutely soaked playing Ellen's daft game "Oops My Water Broke". 

How far Christian Grey has fallen. Dornan appeared on 'The Ellen Show' to have a sit down and a quick chat, before heading over to the real reason he was appearing on the show - to play the 'Kerplunk'-style game and get wet. 

Ellen donates $10,000 towards Breast Cancer Research for his efforts though, so it was all for a good cause.

Watch the stark raving mad audience member and Ellen play with Dornan below:

Before getting wet, the Down man sat with Ellen for a chat about his children, dressing up as a drunk Tigger, and also hanging out with Mullingar's finest, Niall Horan. There's also quite a hilarious "montage" of Dornan's '50 Shades of Grey' character, Christian Grey, which Ellen may have fabricated somewhat: