Last night's one-off edition of Celebrity Gogglebox saw quite a few names turning up to watch... well, telly.

Boy George, Miranda Hart, Nick Frost and our own Jamie Dornan sat down to watch Strictly Come Dancing and a variety of shows whilst Twitter looked on and, by the sounds of it, lost their collective minds.

Although Boy George was his usual, wry self, everybody seemed enamoured by Dornan.






As you can expect, it was all a surreal experience with Dornan discussing how untrustworthy he finds cats to be and how Peter Andre's wet-look to be better than his current look.


We also get the suspicion that Dornan's an innocent, as Nick Frost remarking 'Pussy' on one of the nature programmes made him spit out his pint.


And how long does it take Jamie Dornan to eat a pizza?! He was nibbling at it for hours, FFS.


He made no secret of his distaste for Mourinho, either.


We always knew he was a good sort, that Dornan lad. So, what was your highlight of the night? Let us know in the comments!


Via Twitter