There's no end to all the casting news coming from across the Atlantic as Pilot Season roars into full swing. Jamie Bell, Alicia Silverstone and Gillian Anderson are just three of the more familiar faces who have signed up for new TV projects this week.

First up, British actor and Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell is set to star in a new historical drama. TVLine says Bell is taking on the role of a farmer named Abraham Woodhull, who somehow winds up smack bang in the middle of America's battle for independence. Himself and the lads decide to set up a spy ring, or so the story goes.

Clueless queen Alicia Silverstone, who you may remember from that short-lived sitcom Miss Match, also makes a welcome return to telly. We've loved her recent guest stint on Suburgatory (where she was reunited with Clueless co-star Jeremy Sisto) and so we're quite excited to hear she'll be taking the lead in HR, the story of a human resources director who takes a bold new approach to life after suffering a brain injury.

Last, but by no means least, is Gillian Anderson. Deadline says she's signed up to star in a new Washington DC spy thriller about a rookie secret service agent who winds up in the middle of an international kidnapping plot. She'll be playing the estranged sister of an FBI agent whose niece is one of several kidnapped children. Simples.

And to think, that's not even the tip of the iceberg. Keep your eyes peeled for our pick of the Pilots....