'The Green Mile', 'Babe', '24' and 'Succession' star is urging the Irish Government to reconsider plans for the animals he has a strong connection with.

James Cromwell, who we all know and love from 'Babe', spoke with Claire Byrne last night regarding a very serious topic he has with the Minister for Agriculture; pigs.

Minister Charlie McConalogue has set up an agreement with China for the export of breeding pigs from Ireland, due to the country's herd of livestock being almost depleted due to a strain of swine flu.

Last week, the 81-year-old actor, who first stole our hearts in 'Babe' and now has us bowling over in stifled laughter on 'Succession', penned a letter to McConalogue condemning his proposed agreement. According to The Irish Times, he pleaded with the Government to end such plans, referring to the matter as a "stain on humanity", being "both unnecessary and cruel".

He also said that pigs are "fascinating animals" with a "capacity for love and joy – as well as sorrow".

Joining her via video link on 'Claire Byrne Live' last night, Cromwell spoke with Claire Byrne about the topic and ridiculed the Minister's agreement with China as well as some Irish pig farmers.

When asked if working on 'Babe', which earned him an Oscar nomination, propelled him into being an animal rights activist, Cromwell admitted: "When I got there I was a vegetarian. [...] I became a vegan because I just couldn't stand that after working with these animals in the morning, I would go to the lunch table and the same animals would be killed and cooked."

He continued: "I think it’s a terrible idea for Ireland, for the number of pigs that are going to be transported and slaughtered, for the environment.

"You can’t put pigs in some sort of transportation vehicle, whether it’s a plane or a ship, and pack them in and say that it’s humane. They feel pain, they feel suffering, they suffer like us and it shouldn’t be done to any creature."

Check out part of the interview with James Cromwell on 'Claire Byrne Live' below. You can also watch the full episode on the RTÉ Player.

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