Done with treading all over the boards of Broadway, earning himself a few Tony Awards in the process, James Corden is committing himself full time to TV. reports that this new series, called The Wrong Mans, is "co-written by his friend Mathew Baynton, who played Deano in Gavin & Stacey and appeared in the kids' sketch series Horrible Histories. Mathew said: 'James and I dreamt up The Wrong Mans during a break on the set of Gavin And Stacey four years ago.' The duo play lowly office workers Phil and Sam, who get caught up in a criminal conspiracy."

So, what can we expect? According to Executive producer Mark Freeland: "We are trying to do a comedy with explosions, a lot of running about, murder, extortion, friendship and love. I cannot wait. But I'm glad I'm not doing the running about bit." With any bit of luck there's slow mo.

It is the second co-production between the Beeb and American online service Hulu. They've also joined forces for The Thick of It, "which allowed US audiences to watch the political thriller without censorship of the profligate swearing."