Fans are still swooning over the long-awaited 'Gavin & Stacey' Christmas special, but there might well be a new batch of episodes on the way.

James Corden has been quite busy establishing himself as a TV host in the States in recent years, but he might return to his acting and writing roots for a new series of the comedy show that he co-created with Ruth Jones.

The rumour of a new series has gathered momentum thanks to comments made by its young star Oscar Hartland, who featured in the special as Neil - the 'baby' of Smithy (Corden) and Nessa (Jones).

He told 'Good Morning Britain' presenters this morning that he has asked Corden whether the show would make a comeback, and that Corden had said if the fans wanted it, he would.

“I did ask James in the process of filming," he said. "He said it’s just what the people want.

"Me, I would love it to happen. It really depends what other people think about it and whether they like it or not.”

11.6 million viewers in the UK watched the special on Christmas Day, with an overwhelmingly positive reaction - despite it ending on a cliffhanger of Nessa confessing her love for Smithy and proposing to him.

In other words, Series 4 could well happen. Watch this space...