Things seem to be going from bad to worse for Ellen DeGeneres.

Earlier this week, a second bombshell report alleged further claims of abuse and mistreatment of staff at Ellen DeGeneres' daytime show, with rumours now spreading that NBC is now considering scrapping the show and / or replacing DeGeneres with James Corden.

What's more, at least two celebrities - Lea Thompson, from 'Back To The Future', and Brad Garrett from 'Everybody Loves Raymond' - have come forward with their own experiences on Ellen DeGeneres, backing up some of the claims made in news reports about her and the show. Both Garrett and Thompson said that stories of DeGeneres mistreating staff was common knowledge in the industry.

The Sun is reporting that Corden recently turned down an extension on his contract with CBS, and will be cleared to take on new roles in 2022, though it's not even clear yet if DeGeneres is planning on leaving. What's more, Corden was apparently always seen as the likely successor to DeGeneres, even before this recent scandal.

An internal e-mail leaked to US media this week seemed to suggest that 'Ellen' is due to resume production at the end of this month, though a month is a long time in television.