Voice of Ireland
judge Jamelia is leaving the show. Jamelia brought a breath of fresh air to this years Voice of Ireland and become the viewers favourite judge.

The judge who won the show with act Keith Hanley,  has decided to leave after she felt she could not commit to a second series. The popstar will be replaced by a brand new mentor for the 2013 season. According to the Irish Mirror a source said 'Jamelia decided she couldn't handle doing a second season, and it works well with producers wanting to keep the show fresh. Obviously they're a bit shocked, but they have to look forward to the new season'.

RTE bosses will have a tough job on their hands to find a replacement for Jamelia. The source also added 'There's going to be a big hunt on now to find someone that has the star power to boost the panel. Bosses are certain they don't want just anybody on the show – that's something which has always been a big thing for them.They’re going to be coming up with a massive hit-list and targeting big names in the UK as well as Ireland. The feeling is there's already three Irish mentors, so they don't necessarily need a fourth especially after seeing how well viewers took to Jamelia'.

She is not the first mentor to leave after only one season. Brian Kennedy left after season one claiming something outrageous happened in last years final that made him not want to return. Despite major cutbacks, The Voice of Ireland will be back for a third season. And let's hope the winner has a bit more luck then poor Keith Hanley, who flopped majorly when his single only got to number 37 in the charts.