It's the final week of this year's Big Brother, in fact it's almost the final day as tomorrow the 2015 winner will be crowned.

However, Big Brother still has a few tricks up his sleeve as we will see in tonight's show when former Dublin housemate Jade returns to give the finalists some home truths as part of a task.

The housemates went in to meet Jade two at time, and first up was Chloe and Jack. She told Chloe that she shouldn't have been so worried about taking the five grand for herself; "You need to get confidence," she states. "Do not feel guilty... Believe in yourself. I've nothing negative to say to you."

Jade told Jack then; "You're turning into an old grandmother. I hate the way you're bitching. Get out of that night gown. Have fun with everybody. Just relax!"

Touche, Jade!

Next up, she met Cristian and Danny, and warned Danny to stop behaving like he is going to win and that he is 'king of the house', while she told Cristian; "You need to come back out of your shell in a positive way."

Finally then she was reunited with her bestie Nick, who she told; "I'm delighted Harry is gone out of here. You're in the Big Brother house. It's the only thing that you wanted in your whole life."

She also told Joel who was with him; "You have your own mind and your own opinion, and stick with that."

Have to say, her assessments are pretty spot on, g'wan the Jade.

Although, at this stage, we're not sure if we want any of this lot to win...

You can catch Jade's chat with the housemates tonight on TV3 at 9pm.