Jack's ex-girlfriend, Keeley Maguire, is apparently on her way to Mallorca to join 'Love Island' later this week.

The Mirror is reporting that Keeley, 22, has quit her office job and is being parachuted in to break up Jack and Dani, or at the very least cause tensions between the two.

Just to make matters more interesting, Keeley applied for 'Love Island' this year and was rejected - but after Jack was accepted and became an audience favourite, Keeley was brought in for extra drama.

Dani Dyer, daughter of... uh, Danny Dyer, has been coupled with Jack since the first day on the island and have been one of the strongest couples on the show. However, recent friction between them could get only worse if Keeley is dropped off on the island.

'Love Island' is on 3e tonight at 9pm.