Bring. It. ON. While we do tune in regularly to Fair City, we'd be series linking it for sure if 24-year-old Jack Reynor gets his wish. 

Speaking via The Sun, the What Richard Did actor - who is rumoured to be playing Han Solo in the up coming movie - said of strutting the mean street(s) of Carrigstown: "I think that would be brilliant. I’d love it. Just a small, little role. Breeze in, cause a bit of mayhem you know, pull a few pints behind the bar, a bit of drama and be gone again. A couple of friends of mine have worked on Fair City and it’s a fantastic show with so much Irish talent from the Dublin stage. Some legendary names there. It would be a great opportunity. I mean, it’s probably not going to happen any time soon, but who knows."

Someone in RTE make this happen immediately - PLEASE. He could hook up with Rachel and melt Paul Brennan's head now that Pierce is "gone."

Via Vip Magazine.