It's good to know that when it comes to life after 'Love Island', a number of contestants have found new avenues for them to explore and to reinvent themselves.

While it's mostly other reality shows or increasing their influencer chops, Jack Fincham is going to get his face professionally smashed in - all for reality television. Fincham is now being coached by Tyson Fury's former coach and has even signed with BOXXER, which we're told is a boxing promotion company and is also a bit of nominative determinism.

By all accounts, Fincham is taking it all very seriously. "I'm going to be putting myself through absolute hell. There's no eating rubbish anymore," Fincham told the Sun in a recent interview. "There's no having a few beers with your mates anymore down the pub. It's like boxing, focus, let's win."

All of this comes as Fincham attempts to step back into the reality show ring with 'The Fight Of My Life', which will no doubt chart his attempts to shift from reality shows to boxing, by doing a reality show about boxing.

Indeed, Fincham declares in an Instagram video that he's "not a reality star", but "a professional boxer", and then punches the camera a few times to illustrate his point.

Well, good for him.