Actor-turned-musician-turned-ultimate-games-master Jack Black is leading the charge as his impressive line-up of celebrities attempt to make their way out of an elaborate escape room in the name of charity.

The Jack Black Escape Room special will see the 'School of Rock' actor lead a group of four Hollywood actors into the unknown for a 'Celebrity Escape Room' episode in aid of Red Nose Day. Playing the role of games master, he will be sending 'Friends' stars Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox into the unknown, who will be joined by 'Friends' cameo star Ben Stiller, as well as Adam Scott from 'Parks and Recreation'.

For the charity special, the four subjects will have to work together in order to escape Jack's elaborate funhouse in order to win money for their chosen charities. And by the looks of the trailer below, Jack Black is the perfect choice to pull off such a terror-inducing tomfoolery persona.

Jack and his ol' buddy Ben Stiller have executive produced the 'Celebrity Escape Room Red Nose Day' edition, and is the first of its kind on TV. There is another US TV series called 'Room to Escape' hosted by Jimmy Pardo - but we could see this version becoming a fully-fledged charity series. If Jack Black were to return, and they were able to secure top talent, then the series would be a sure-fire hit. Everyone loves a celebrity out of their comfort zone.

Here's the teaser for the Jack Black Escape Room experience these four won't be forgetting anytime soon. The episode will air on NBC over in The States on May 21.