Yes, Eamon Holmes, we'd be looking worried if we were you, because this Kate Middleton baby bump in a bikini business is really kicking off across the pond. And to top it all off, amid all the madness, ITV have been forced to apologise for accidentally showing the pics live on air.

Eamon and his wife Ruth Langsford were chatting about the weekly news on This Morning when the lads in the control room pulled up a picture of the cover of the offending Italian mag. Unfortunately for them (and especially the person who was told to put that graphic together, we might add) the pics of KMiddy in her bikini hadn't been blurred out. Cue the proverbial hitting the fan.

The Daily Telegraph reports that ITV has since released a statement, apologising for the incident. "Earlier during today's news review we were discussing photographs of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on a beach in Mustique published in an Italian magazine. Unfortunately we accidentally showed an unblurred image of the magazine cover, which briefly showed the photographs. This was a deeply regrettable error and we are very sorry" the statement read.

This ain't the first time This Morning has found itself in hot water. Sure it was only a few months ago that silver fox Philip Schofield challenged David Cameron with a list of child sex offenders. That would have been all well and good if the viewers hadn't actually been able to read the names on the paper from the sofa. At the time, ITV Director of TV Peter Fincham told the world that he was "pretty confident" nothing of the sort would ever happen again.