Although there is a vaccine on the horizon, and the clear science that preventive measures work, the pandemic is still wreaking havoc on TV and movie productions.

Only today, Netflix's 'The Witcher' confirmed four people on set tested positive for COVID-19, prompting the show to shut down production for a second time this year. So if that's what happening with huge productions on international shows, reality TV shows are likely facing bigger issues as their shows are unscripted and the cast memebers wouldn't live in the same seclusion as actors.

All that said, ITV today revealed that they're pressing ahead with casting for a new season of 'Love Island' in the summer of 2021. Per a report in today's Sun, the hope is to re-open the villa this May, with the search now underway for new islanders.

Given how the likes of 'I'm A Celebrity' is returning, reality shows are able to press on with production provided that all concerned self-isolate for two full weeks beforehand, and get regular checks and testing during production.

This year's show was put on ice as the pandemic raged, with ITV bosses keenly aware of how much potential revenue was lost by the show's absence, not to mention the fact that audiences have been hankering for content as easygoing and vacuous as possible.

Well, no fear of it being too taxing when it's 'Love Island'.