Yet another actor has been cast in the role as the troublesome Ben Mitchell in EastEnders, remarkably looking quite like the last fella, just a bit older really. We last seen Ben when he was carted off to prison for the man slaughter of Heather Trott but as his dad Phil learned recently, he has actually already been released, so we knew it was only a matter of time before he darkened their door again. 

Harry Reid is the actor in question and he couldn't be more delighted to take on the roll; "I'm very excited to be joining EastEnders - not only because it's a great show but also to be playing Ben, a character that is so renowned and from such an iconic family. I'm looking forward to getting started and working closely with the legendary Steve McFadden. I can't wait to become a fully-fledged Mitchell."

EastEnders' Executive Producer, Dominic Treadwell-Collins, said: "Ben's half Beale and half Mitchell and Harry perfectly encapsulates both the Mitchell danger and Beale heart that make Ben such a complex character."

Going on to say; "Ben's return to the Square is going to have big repercussions for his family, his friends - and his enemies. Plus a few residents he hasn't even met yet."

We're looking forward to seeing what further mayhem he will cause, sure maybe he killed Lucy Beale or something. WAIT, did Ben kill Lucy Beale!?