As we reported a few months back, the long-awaited rumour is finally confirmed - Gilmore Girls is returning to your TV screens.

The news was announced yesterday via Lauren Graham's Twitter account, which was then later confirmed by sources at Netflix. As it stands right now, there's no news beyond a few casting confirmations. Lauren Graham, who played Lorelai, and Alexis Bledel, who played Rory, are both confirmed as returning.


Meanwhile, Sean Gunn and Keiko Agena - who played Kirk Gleason and Lane Kim respectively are both confirmed to return. Beyond that, however, is anyone's guess. Sookie St. James, played by Melissa McCarthy, seems unlikely at best to appear in the new series. Most likely, we think, because she's got that whole Ghostbusters thing to do. However, that doesn't rule out a possible cameo appearance for her.

The same goes for Jared Padalecki, who played Dean Forester in the series and now plays Sam Winchester in Supernatural, and Kelly Bishop, who played Rory's grandmother / Lorelai's mother, Emily. Unfortunately, Edward Hermann - who played Richard Gilmore - passed away late last year and won't be returning.

So, what's actually going on in Stars Hollow? As we said, nobody's sure. The early word was that Gilmore Girls was set to return for four episodes to cover each season, however it's entirely possible that it's to give Netflix a chance to gauge audience interest before committing to a full season order.

In the meantime, let's play the Gilmore Girls' theme loudly and reminisce. 


Via Twitter