The time has arrived, after what feels like forever, ITV 'Love Island' producers are giving us what we asked for, what we didn't get last year. Don't freak out, but it's movie night tonight in the villa.

Fans have been calling for movie night ever since that big, massive shifting episode during Casa Amor. And by Jove, we deserve it (especially after yesterday's yawn-fest). Let's recap some of the drama that could rear it's pot-stirring head in tonight's 'Mad Movies'.

Whether something happened or not, Ekin-Su telling George to keep what happened under the duvet a secret is a shoe in.

But there's two sides to every story.

If they choose to include more from Jacques time in the villa, we're certain they'll have to bring up his brief foray with Molly.

Andrew and Tasha's officialness may be short lived with the long list of his Casa antics.

Although it's minor in comparison, Luca would not like to hear some of the harmless things Gemma has said.

Have we missed anything? Let us know.