After the truly emotional ending to its 13th season, you've got to wonder where the 14th season of 'It's Always Sunny...' is going to go.

While this new trailer doesn't give much out in terms of story or context, there does seem to be a couple of interesting moments going on. For example, one episode looks like it involves some kind of diarrhea poisoning and a film noir vibe to it, while another appears to feature to an ape getting very angry with the Gang.

On top of that, you've got Dennis back in action, Charlie urinating on Mac to presumably assert dominance like a dog, and Dee doing her famous vomit-choke thing ("JESUS CHRIST!") that she does so freakishly well. In other words, another classic run of episodes from one of the best comedies on TV today.

Season 14 of 'It's Always Sunny...' also features Glenn Howerton in his directorial debut, taking on the opening episode and a later episode in the season. Episodes this season include 'The Gang Gets Romantic', 'Thunder Gun 4: Maximum Cool', 'The Gang Texts', and 'The Gang Solves Global Warming', which we're all calling now as the best episode of the season based on that title alone.

Here's the trailer. The new season kicks off on September 25th on FXX.