Oh me oh Mycroft, Rhys Ifans has just joined the cast of Elementary. Yup, the man who single handedly stole the show in Notting Hill before going on to take the world by storm has just signed up to play none other than Sherlock Holmes' older brother in the show's second season.

Of course, in true Elementary fashion, there'll be a slight twist to the tale: The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Mycroft, not Sherlock, will be the tenant of 221b Baker Street, and he will be allowing his brother and sidekick Watson (Lucy Liu) to stay there during their jaunt to London in the Season 2 opener. The lads have a bit of a tempestuous relationship, so it'll be interesting to see where they go with this one.

"I could not be more excited to have Rhys coming aboard," Elementary creator Robert Doherty said in a statement. "I've always been a tremendous fan and feel very honored to have him in the fold. Equally excited are Jonny and Lucy, both of whom have worked with Rhys in feature films. I think this is going to be a lot of fun for all of us."

Here's hoping Rhys does a decent job: Sherlock's Mycroft Mark Gatiss really has set the standard of late, y'know, what with his acting, executive producing, co-creating, and writing the BBC's smash hit. No pressure.