Well we have enough great music talent on this small island of ours, so why not fill a Late Late Show with them all? Although, this isn't actually the intentional theme we don't think, but when you read the line-up you'll see why it should be. And it's not just Billy and his mates from Laois who are set to be the next big thing either, these guests are legit.

U2's Adam Clayton will on to talk to Ryan about life, U2 and the Walk in My Shoes campaign which aims to stamp out the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Fair play Adam.

The lovely Imelda May will be in for a chat with Ryan and performing her new single live on the show. We may have mentioned how much we love Imelda just once or twice.

AND.... Christy Moore will be joined by Frank Connolly and Tom Gilmartin Jr to discuss how the culture of greed and corruption at the heart of Irish politics has impacted Irish society. Yeah... and a song though right? Right?

Finally, the guest of the week that you really probably won't give a toss about is Noel Fitzpatrick, the 'sexy Irish supervet' (to be clear, not my words). He's also nicknamed the bionic vet and stars in a new Channel 4 series which takes a behind the scenes look at his veterinary practice which is considered one of the most advanced in the UK.

Well la-dee-frickin-da.