The couple's "Dance of Shame" has saved them for another week on BBC's 'Strictly Come Dancing'. 

It seems that the British public rather liked their dancing on Saturday night, as Seann Walsh and his sometimes shifting partner Katya Jones have been saved for another week on the dancing competition. The comedian was dumped by his ex last week, Rebecca Humphries, after the on-screen partners got up to no good on her birthday. 

According the The Irish Mirror, Walsh was very quiet practicing his dancing routine all week, and very nearly quit the show following the backlash he received. Although he didn't end up quitting, he was preparing to be booted out of the show at the weekend. Following their dance to the Charleston on the show, Walsh said “there was a point where I thought ‘I can’t do this’. I went back to where I was staying and kept practicing and practicing on my own.”



It was host Katie Piper who left the show instead, and afterwards a source has said that Walsh, learning from his lessons, "didn’t stop in the bar for a drink with the other contestants and went straight home to avoid anymore trouble.”

Following the rollercoaster of a week for the dancing partners, the news must have been music to the BBC's ears - the Saturday night show was watched by nearly 12 million viewers.