As filming has wrapped just this past week on David Lynch's return to television, a few tidbits of news have reportedly leaked from the set.

The revival series of Twin Peaks has been shrouded in mystery, with almost no official news or confirmation slipping out since the filming has begun. However, now that filming has been completed after the 140-day shoot, it looks like there's some new information creeping out.

A Twitter account that tracks filming locations across Los Angeles tweeted out a pretty mysterious message - and then quickly deleted it. In its tweet, it claimed that there were two seasons of Twin Peaks filmed and that it was the 'first' of two seasons. In other words, this is only the beginning for more Twin Peaks.

The Twitter account in question, @ForLocation, has been known to post solid information in the past, so there's every reason to think that its information here is accurate.

With 140 days of filming down, that means there's probably a huge amount of footage to go through. Whether it actually means there's two seasons' worth is another story. It's been confirmed by cast-members that there will be a total of 18 episodes this season, but after that is anyone's guess. In a way, this is exactly the sort of thing David Lynch would do and it makes sense as well.

Twin Peaks has the potential to go on and on; however, it's all dependant on whether or not the audience is there and if they're up for more seasons of existentialism and Kyle MacLachlan.