A statement announcing the sacking of Jeremy Clarkson is reportedly due to be released at some point today.

The Telegraph reports that the BBC have taken the decision to sack Clarkson after an investigation concluded that he did assault Irish Top Gear producer Oisin Tymon.

They say that the Director General of the BBC, Lord Hall, will thank the presenter for being a "brilliant broadcaster" and making the programme one of the corporation's "crown jewels", but that his behaviour cannot be tolerated.

It's alleged that he verbally and physically assaulted Tymon at a hotel during filming of the series, after he was told that he could not have the steak and chips that he wanted because the kitchen was closed. The verbal assault is alleged to have lasted for 20 minutes, with the physical assault lasting "at least 30 seconds."

It's unclear whether his co-presenters James May and Richard Hammond will stay at the BBC or follow Clarkson; rumours suggest that Chris Evans is being tapped as Clarkson's replacement on the show, although the radio DJ has denied having an interest.

Of course, this is all just coming from one unconfirmed source - we'll know for certain later today whether that statement will really be issued. Stay tuned.

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