Hang on to yer didgeridoos - we may just be treated to Nadia Forde gagging on marsupials' unmentionables, scrubbing herself under a waterfall, and generally remaining mute until she wins the whole bloody thing much like Kian Egan did last year. Seriously, there were entire episodes where he didn't get any face time at all. Had to help. 

According to Breakingnews.ie, the model - who appeared in one of FHM's more recent Top 100 Hottest Women on the Face of The Planet type polls, and is currently present in the UK singles charts thanks to this creation - is currently in "advanced talks" with ITV. Well, she said: "I’ve had loads of conversations about TV stuff. I’m not saying any more."

We've been here before, willing Georgia Salpa into a white bikini for some mandatory waterfall action. Hopefully it'll come to fruition this time.