His show has become a runaway success and is now a Friday night institution, however Graham Norton may not be on our own screens for much longer.

Harvey Weinstein, who appeared on Norton's show a few weeks ago, has announced that he intends to bring Norton to the States.

"It has been said some guests have such a great time doing Graham Norton they have to be carried out and some have such a good time before they have to be carried in. That’s the show I want to be on!", praised Weinstein in a recent BBC interview.

Weinstein announced on Chris Evan's show that he is working with the Cork comedian, although the exact nature of what Norton would be doing hasn't been revealed.

Weinstein's TWC is making in-roads to television, having set up Marco Polo on Netflix and is one of the producers behind Project Runway. The production company has earmarked a considerable portion of its yearly budget for television.

The Graham Norton Show plays on US televisions screens via BBC America, however Norton's show would most likely take the form of a late-night slot ala Jimmy Fallon or David Letterman.

Norton has remain tightlipped on the news, although we can't imagine he'd turn down the opportunity for a US show.

After all, if James Corden can somehow manage to get his own talk show, surely Norton can do infinitely better.


Via BBC Radio 2



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