As acrimonious break-ups go, Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre's was pretty horrendous, but now it looks as though someone's eager to re-build some utterly incinerated bridges, let bygones be bygones, and y'know, patch things up.

After spending the week on Twitter slagging off his ex (Brooke, not Denise) Charlie Sheen decided to change his tune a little, tweeting his Two And Half Men boss with what we're guessing is not-so-cleverly-disguised plea for another bit of work. Talk about your 'tail between the legs' scenarios, eh?

He might be pushing his luck just a little, given the fact that less than 12 months ago he was labeling Lorre a "bad man" and referring to his other smash hit The Big Bang Theory as "stupid" and "lame".

We're going to file this one under 'when pigs fly', but keep a keen eye on the sky, y'know, just in case.