Aha! Not content with dominating the cinema screens this summer in the brilliantly funny Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, North Norfolk Digital's favourite radio DJ is about to make a bit of a TV comeback, apparently.

The one and only Armando Iannucci told the Radio Times that Steve Coogan's rather popular alter-ego will be starring in another series of Mid Morning Matters with Alan Partridge on Sky Atlantic in 2014. "That'll be the next bit of Alan," Iannucci said. "[The date] keeps shifting simply because of people's timetables, but I think [it will happen at] some point later next year."

There's still no confirmation that the series will actually happen from anyone at Sky or Coogan himself, so we really hope Armando isn't pulling our leg on this one. Knowing me, knowing you, his little slip of the tongue will be music to Patridge fans' ears if it's true.

Now if only they could hurry up and bring us The Trip 2 while they're at it...