One Dublin lady's dream came true recently when she got to meet her idol Ellen DeGeneres and earned quite a sweet prize for her trouble too.

It all began when superfan Ciara took part in a game of "Dollars from Dorenbos" hosted by Jon Dorenbos, a segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that takes place away from the studio. However Ciara just missed out on the top prize when she drew a blank on her final answer.

Ellen later decided to make it up to her and had a pure delighted Ciara on the show to give her a shot at redemption with a game of "Hot Hands".

The prize was 10,000 dollars and tickets to the American Music Awards, and well, Ciara nailed it.

Take a look:

Can't say we're a fan of Ellen making fun of her accent however. Come on Ellen, you're better than that.