We think he's supposed to be the 'Love Island Australia' version of Adam Collard from 'Love Island' 2018 (AKA the worst) and, of course, he's Irish.

Just when you thought it was safe to dine out on our cultural cachet once again, along comes another national shame in the form of 'Love Island Australia' contestant Eoghan Murphy.

23-year-old Murphy, who emigrated from Ireland when he was eleven (and says he can sound very Irish and very Aussie when he wants), is a real estate agent from the Gold Coast.

"I am such a respectful man with a huge heart, and I am genuinely looking for the girl of my dreams," he told the show before he started.

He also, as you'll see below, describes himself as an "Irish stallion" and in typical reality show cliché, he's "not here to make friends".

We suppose that for every Greg O'Shea, there's an Eoghan Murphy. That's just the universe trying to balance things out.

Murphy is allegedly looking for a brunette who is "fun, not rude, polite and extremely ladylike" that he can put "on a pedestal like she is the only girl in the world."

As for his reasons for going into the villa, he says he feels like he doesn't "know how to get a girl," and the show will be the perfect opportunity to find new love.

His Instagram, if you care about that kind of thing, is @eoghannmurphy, and there's not really much going on there apart from the obligatory shirtless pool photos and a 2016 picture with Niall Horan.


There's no official word yet on whether or not we'll get to indulge in 'Love Island: Australia' but you can probably expect it on Virgin Media Television in the near future.

And congrats, we guess, to Eoghan Murphy TD, who is no longer the nation's most embarrassing Eoghan Murphy.