We KNEW it. We knew if we kept sending enough Irish people out to Australia then eventually they'd have to let one of them on 'Home and Away', and now at last, Keiren Noonan from Cork has made it happen.

The electrician has been living Down Under for the past six years and was recently spotted by a talent agent in a Sydney cafe.

He told The Irish Sun: "I was just in a cafe when an agent approached me and asked me if I had ever acted before.

"She gave me her card and asked me to contact her if I was interested, so I said I’d give it a go."

It ultimately ended up with a role in Summer Bay alongside the River Boys for three episodes sharing scenes with regular star Patrick O’Connor, who plays Dean.

31-year-old Keiren went on to say: "I'm over the moon I couldn't be happier. I'm very overwhelmed by it all."

He added: "Myself and Patrick were doing a scene when we spotted a pod of dolphins near the shore. I was standing on Palm Beach with the whole set of 'Home and Away' behind me, looking at this pod of dolphins. It’s the stuff of dreams!"

It seems 'Home and Away' is only the beginning too, as soon Keiren is jetting off to Hollywood: "I’m going to Los Angeles to touch base with everybody there, " he said. "I already have an agent in Sydney, London and Cork, so I’m just trying to get my network together. My plan is to contact 'Home and Away' again once I’m back."

He added: "I want people to know that there actually are chances out there for people who don’t have it that easy in life. It’s really nice to be able to give that to people."