A leading Irish cyber-security firm has issued a warning to Netflix subscribers about a possible phishing scam.

According to ESET, the scam comes in the form a harmless-looking e-mail that purports to be from the streaming giant. The e-mail, sometimes marked 'Netflix Cancellation', provides a link for users to reset their account if they wish to continue using the service.

Upon clicking said link, users are then taken to a very genuine-looking page where they're asked to enter their address, payment details and e-mail address in order to 'reset' their Netflix account. As you can imagine, these are all fake and Netflix doesn't just shut down your account willy-nilly. 

Phishing is a serious business, especially in Ireland. Scams have become more and more sophisticated, with e-mails coming from places as varied as Revenue Commissioners, AIB, ESB, iTunes and now even Netflix that look the part.

Of course, a quick examination of the e-mail address that sends the message usually gives it away. As always, be careful and never, EVER enter your credit card details or personal address without first checking thoroughly that you're in the right place.


Via ESET Ireland