RTE's Colm Murray has passed away at the age of sixty-one following a three year battle with motor neuron disease.

The broadcaster worked for over thirty years in the field, and was best known for his work as a sports journalist reporting on horse racing. In addition to his contribution to sports journalism, he is known for his experience as a newsreader and broadcaster.

Only last year, Murray was awarded with a People of the Year Award for his efforts in the study of MND. As part of his campaign to fight the diease the popular journalist appeared on The Late Late Show to talk about his personal experiences with the degenerative disease, as well as creating his own programme 'MND: The Inside Track' for RTE in January 2012.  He raised awareness as a spokesman and aided study until taken by MND, and is remembered as one of RTE'S leading journalists. 

#RIPColmMurray is now trending on Twitter.

He will be greatly missed. RIP.