Well that's just a bit of a bummer isn't it? For Roisin Hogan and for us Irish viewers, we were hoping she would win the whole kit and kaboodle. Hogan was fired from the competition last night after the intense interview process, with only one one week to go until the final and all.

The 33 year old from Dublin's Sandymount told the Irish Independent; "It’s definitely bittersweet. It’s been such a great and crazy journey. It was a really hard way to go but at the same time it was the right way for me to go, especially for me and my business. I don’t think Lord Sugar and I were the right match."

She also said that the interview process and the whole thing really were just as daunting as it looks; "It’s petrifying. It’s 100 times worse than watching it on TV. But now I’ve done that I feel like I can do anything!"

Roisin has been busy setting up her new product 'Nudels by Roisin' since filming the show, she has gone into business with a food manufacturer based in Drogheda and is hoping to have her product on the shelves in Spring 2015.

She also hasn't ruled out a job in TV saying; "I would definitely keep all my options open. That would be amazing but I think to be honest that’s a dream world. I don’t think it’s reality."

Who knows? Didn't work out too badly for former Apprentice star Jennifer Maguire now did it?