You'll know her best as Merlin's arch-nemesis Morgana but get ready to see Katie McGrath in a whole new light.

The Wicklow born actress has just inked a deal to join Jonathan Rhys Meyers (we wondered where he'd got to) in a brand new TV adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula. We use the word adaptation rather loosely. They're going to be taking some liberties with the tale. What's new?

Rhys Meyers swaps cantankerous King for cunning Count as Dracula arrives in 1890s London, disguised as an American businessman with the intent to modernise science. If it's anything like the Tudors we're expecting him to get his kit off. 29 year old Katie (we know, she doesn't look it) will join her former co-star as Lucy Westenra, a close friend of Dracula's love interest, Mina Harker.

The 10-part series will be shown on Sky Living and is expected to air in America on NBC later this year.