Last week's Late Late Show really was a cracker, we absolutely fell in love with Eva Longoria, Graham Norton was serious craic and Dermot O'Leary was just lovely altogether. Tonight is... yeah, not as good, but your aul pair and Father Ted fans will like it.

Comedian Brendan Grace will be on the show who you will also know as Fr Fintan Stack, the priest who attempted but ultimately failed to replace Jack on Father Ted. Grace has also been performing on the comedy circuit for many a year and not unlike Daniel O'Donnell, is very popular with folk of a certain vintage. Although he is a hell of a lot more crass than wee Daniel.

Joining Brendan is Irish actress Miss Saoirse Ronan who is busy these days making herself into a Hollywood star, fair play to her.

This week you will also get the chance to knit Ryan a Toy Show jumper, you lucky duck you. Every year Ryan dons some kind of festive wooly jumper for The Toy Show and this year he wants the public to get involved and make him one. Must be budget cuts in RTE.

Ryan will then wear the jumper on The Toy Show if you win.... we're assuming this means you will also get a pair of those coveted Toy Show tickets, but there's been no mention of that so far. Be a bit crap if you didn't though, wouldn't it?

Also, don't send anything in you want back, because they won't give it to you and that's that.

Now get knitting!