As probably the most successful TV show in the world right now, it's pretty sweet that Game of Thrones boasts a cast of quite a few Irish stars, as well as of course being filmed up in Northern Ireland. It was an actor from these parts that sadly passed away recently after filming his first scenes on the hit show.

Eighty-six year old JJ Murphy died on Friday just a mere four days after he began his new role. He played Ser Denys Mallister, who was to be the oldest member of the Night's Watch, and resident of the famous Wall in Westeros. He was due to shoot more scenes in the upcoming future but it's not certain now whether the role will be recast or if scenes will be rewritten.

The veteran actor's film credits include Mickybo and Me, Cal, and Angela's Ashes, and the upcoming big budget movie Dracula Untold will also feature Murphy.

As well as his film roles, he also worked for many years at the Lyric Theatre in Belfast alongside the likes of Liam Neeson and Ciaran Hinds.