Sadly, it's another devastating year for Ireland at the Eurovision with one of our best performances in years being snubbed by Europe (and Australia and Israel).

Ireland is not happy, nor are many fans of the Eurovision Song Contest on Twitter. This year's Ireland Eurovision entry is yet again another dire result, unfortunately, with performer Brooke Scullion failing to get us over the line and into the grand final on Saturday.

The Derry performer, who was last night dubbed "Derry Lipa" - a term we are going to forevermore call her as - gave it her all on the Turin stage in Italy during the second Semi-Final of the singing competition. Appearing tenth in the line-up, Scullion's cheesy pop banger 'That's Rich' was a definite highlight on a night that was full of bizarre hand-washing, rodeo bulls, never-ending ballads and cringe-worthy presenters.

Viewers online praised Scullion's performance, hailing her "the main character of Eurovision 2022" and delivering "one of the best performances of the night". And it seems a lot of viewers in Ireland and around Europe agreed. Sadly though, the results speak for themselves.

As you can see, Scullion and her dancing troupe really did give it their all. If you want to read more wholesome comments about her performance, head over to the YouTube comment section underneath this video.

Taking to Instagram following the result, Scullion posted a heartfelt message to all of her followers, saying "it didn't go our way tonight" but said that she and the team "are so happy" with what they turned out on the night.

Here's how Ireland and the rest of Europe reacted to Brooke Scullion's devastating exit from the competition last night.

The Eurovision grand final kicks off this Saturday night at 8 pm on RTÉ One and BBC One.