With TV3 today announcing to the world the latest additions to its programming and presenters, there was no better time to have a chat with the new face you'll be seeing on Xpose, Peter O'Riordan. We caught up with him at the TV3 Autumn 2014 launch, and he chatted to us about his new role, leaving L.A. to return home, and his stint acting on the U.S. soap, All My Children.

Being the first male on the show, the current presenters are more than happy with their new co-host, Aisling O'Loughlin thought so anyway, "He's a bit dishy, so we're delighted with that, some eye-candy for us and a good auld thick Cork accent as well," she told entertainment.ie.

But of course that's not the only reason he's being drafted in. Having worked with the biggest celebrity news outlet in the world, TMZ, for the past few years, he's set to bring a wealth of experience to the show. Remember the Irish guy who said people here wouldn't know who Beyonce and Jay-Z are? He's over all that now, and happy to laugh about it. "Ah sure that was taken completely out of context. All I meant was we aren't celebrity obsessed over here, but sure TMZ hung me out to dry on it. I'm still waiting on the cheque from Beyonce for all the publicity she got".

Happy to be home, he wasn't long about talking up the homeland, gave us more of an insight as to why he left the media capital of the world to come back to Dublin. "Truth be told, I just had a baby boy, who was three days away from being born on Paddy's Day, so I'm gutted, but I got a ginger, so there's a trade-off. TMZ was very labour intensive, and I'd never want to bring up my son in LA, so I knew I'd come home to raise him".

Thankfully for all those male viewers, regardless if they're being forced to be such, Peter's got your back, and will be looking to bring forth a whole new era of content in Xpose. "I'm looking forward to that injection of testosterone to break up the oestrogen levels on the show. I was pegged as some lengthy, beautiful, Eastern European model called Petra, so I hope not too many people were disappointed when some lump of a lad from Ballincollig came bounding out".

Not put-off by the future presence of the camera in his face, O'Riordan is no stranger TV work, and that was before landing his gig on TMZ. "I was working in a grocery store underneath TMZ when I was on scholarship in acting school over there, and I had done some work on All My Children, a daytime soap. I got talking to the TMZ boss, and sure I'd talk the back legs off a donkey. Within two hours I'd signed a contract and he'd put me on the TV show".

Not too bad for a lad coming from a small town outside of Cork city. Finally back home on your TV screens, you can expect to see a lot more of Peter in the not too distant future.