Rosario Dawson has said that Luke Cage will be very different from Netflix's previous Marvel offerings, Daredevil and Jessica Jones

Dawson played Claire Temple in the both seasons of Daredevil but also made a cameo appearance in Jessica Jones in which she first met Mike Colter's character Luke Cage.

She was coy when asked about how big a role Claire would have in the Luke Cage series. 

"Marvel have probably embedded a cyanide pill in my teeth or have a sniper set up in this building." She laughs. "So I'm not allowed to reveal anything about this upcoming show except that it's really cool and incredibly different."

But just how exactly will it differ from Marvel's other TV heroes? 

"Each of the different showrunners for the different shows have a tonally different vision. Daredevil is very martial arts in Hell's Kitchen, Jessica Jones is very noir and Luke Cage takes place in Harlem and is a totally different character. He's got invincible skin which is very different from this fallible type of character like Daredevil. Luke Cage has got a totally different skill set."

She also described how playing the character across three different shows inside the Marvel Universe appeals to her.

"It's like being on a totally brand new show again even though I'm playing the same character. I've never dealt with a character this long or got to do anything like this before so it's still keeping me on my toes. It's really nice to be working in a medium and challenging myself again at something completely unusual."

The Sin City actress was in Dublin recently to promote Budweiser's Dream Big Competition and offer mentorship to the four Irish finalists who are competing to embark on their American Dream. She admitted that she was very impressed with the four finalists. 

"They're just remarkable young people. It's so fun cause they're just so into their dreams and I think that's so important. We get caught up in such really important goals in life and what we need to achieve to be successful and we're often told to segment certain things out of our life because they're not as important. So to see these people who've pushed so much because they want to dance and they want to perform and they want to drum and they want to travel because that's their dream. I think that's so encouraging and so exciting and the kind of thing we need to be talking about more."


Hollywood actress Rosario Dawson is calling on people to vote for the Budweiser Dream Big finalist who deserves to have their American dream made a reality. To find our more and to vote now, visit and