What do you do when you finish up on an Emmy-winning groundbreaking series like 'Mad Men'? Bask in its success for a while undoubtedly, but showrunner Matthew Weiner has now put his creative talent into a different project, Amazon Prime's 'The Romanoffs'.


An international show that's set in eight countries with seven different languages, 'The Romanoffs' is an anthology series that is created, written, directed and executive produced by nine-time Emmy award winner Weiner. It features eight separate stories about people who believe themselves to be descendants of the famous Russian royal family.

A mammoth task to undertake and quite a juicy project to sink your teeth into, but Weiner isn't feeling the pressure to recreate the success of 'Mad Men'.

Speaking to entertainment.ie at an Amazon Prime event in London recently, Weiner said: "You know I just don't think that way. I mean honestly, how do you do seven seasons of 'Mad Men' with that attitude. Every season we'd be like "why don't I just quit?"

"For me, creatively, I'm just looking for a way to tell stories, if that makes sense? I'd never expect that [Mad Men] to happen again."

Speaking about 'The Romanoffs', Weiner said: "This is what I do and I feel lucky I get to do it again. I am grateful that I get to almost pick who I get to work with, that's the best part about having my job on the show."

The director has brought on board some 'Mad Men' alumni too including John Slattery and Christina Hendricks while other cast members include Aaron Eckhart, Corey Stoll, Noah Wyle, Diane Lane and well, a shed-load more famous faces you will recognise.

Weiner went on to say:  "I got to go to these places where these stories take place... this was a dream come true. And I'm not saying that 'Mad Men' was not a dream come true but there was a lot about this that it wasn't...'how do I follow Mad Men, it was more like - 'Are they going to let us do this? This is going to be a dream'."

'The Romanoffs' is streaming now on Amazon Prime.