Last night was the long awaited world premiere of Game of Thrones season five, which took place over this side of the pond for the first time ever in the Tower of London, the 'most throniest location ever' as one the show's writers D.B Weiss said.

The good folk at Sky were kind enough to send us over to meet all the stars, and we are happy to report that we resisted all temptation to steal a lock of Jon Snow's hair and even managed to have a quick chat with young Kit Harrington about the show that launched his career.

First impression Game of Thrones fans? It's definitely your classic 'not as tall as you'd imagine' situation but he does indeed have lovely locks and skin that Snow White would be jealous of, but back to the important stuff.

Showrunners Dan Benioff and D.B Weiss have said recently that this would be a 'huge season for Jon' and while all cast members are constantly cagey about spoilers Kit Harrington did say; "There’s a very big episode for Jon Snow this season, and it’s towards the end of the season. It’s not a whole episode, but it’s bigger than last season’s episode nine, just in scale."

Going on to say; "Some of the stuff I have filmed has been amazing groundbreaking TV, they upped it significantly again this season."

He admitted though that he never really knows what to expect from fan reaction each year; "I just never know how each season is going to go down, whether it's going to be a massive flop, or reach new levels which it has done so far."

The end of the last season saw Jon Snow sharing screen time with characters we all knew well, but he had never met before, including Stannis, Davos and that creepy Red Woman. We asked him was there anyone else from the show he would love to cross paths with, and he told us; "I won't deny it, I'd love to have a scene with Daenerys. I'd like to see Jon Snow and Daenerys meet."

While also adding; "I'd love to see Jamie Lannister and Jon Snow have a fight, I think that was set up right from the start from that first episode when they meet. There is definitely tension there already."

Interesting that he went with Daenerys first though - Kit Harrington and actress Emilia Clarke have long been rumoured to be having a bit of a romance. They certainly seem like good mates for two people who have never actually worked together.

There they are below being 'just friends' in a Rolling Stone photo shoot.

No doubt Harrington isn't short of shifting offers these days though with leading roles in the recent 'The Testament of Youth' as well as last year's 'Pompeii'.

So how is he handling all this attention and this shot to stardom? "It's something I'm getting used to..." he said tentatively. Before admitting; 'You know what I love it, and I love the fact that people love this show. I love that we are in the Tower of London. It amazes me how big this show has got and that I seem to have stepped into a seminal piece of TV, it blows my mind."

Honesty wha'? In a world gone mad.

You can have a gander at some unseen clips from this upcoming season released last night here, while Game of Thrones Season 5 begins 9pm Monday 13th April on Sky Atlantic. Viewers can also catch up on Seasons 1-4 on Sky Box Sets.