Irish fans of The Great British Bake Off will be delighted to hear that popular judge Paul Hollywood will be heading over to Ireland in November for his own show in the Olympia, as part of his Britain Baking Live Tour.

The show will see Paul baking up a storm, sharing some of his tips and getting some of the audience involved to come on stage and bake with the TV chef. We chatted to Paul recently about the upcoming show who said; "It will definitely be a laugh, there will be roving mics so people can fire questions at me. I want it to be really interactive'.

Don't worry if you've never baked a day in your life before either as Paul went on to say; "It's open to anybody, whether they've been baking for years or just beginning, I'll give any help I can to everyone."

While we had him, we also thought we'd get a few basic baking tips off him, considering we hadn't baked anything since our Home Economics scones in second year. Paul really hammered home the importance of a good oven when starting out, or actually just a clean oven really; "Some people seem to think their oven self-cleans but you need to clean it to stop things getting blocked up so you get a good rotation of air and heat inside. Get a probe to test the oven is reaching what it says it's reaching too." He also added that a decent set of digital scales and a 'good lump of passion' will do the world of good!

Of course we couldn't leave him go without asking about that infamous Baked Alaska scandal a few weeks ago, when contestant Ian Watters stormed off the show after he was eliminated when fellow contestant Diana Beard left his Baked Alaska out of the fridge. Beard then left the show following the incident, and social media exploded with the drama of it all.

Paul says he has no regrets over how the judges handled the situation; "I still stand by what I said, he didn't bring anything to the table which was a critical error, you can't do that. Ian does not blame Diana at all, he was just flustered because he'd messed up on his time."

Going on to say; "We can't encourage that sort of behaviour because we get lots of kids watching."

Fair point. All a bit of a storm in a teacup really, but made for great TV at the time. Viewers can rest assured too that the Great British Bake Off isn't going anywhere anytime soon. "I think we're going to be around for a while, a lot of people want to carry on doing it," said Paul.

You can see Paul's live show on the 17th and 18th November in the Olympia Theatre, Dublin. Tickets are available through Ticket Master or