From Show Me The Money to Rip Off Republic, Eddie Hobbs is no stranger to our TV screens and now he's hoping to pull it out of the bag once again as he brings The Give Or Take Club to our tellies.

This unique social experiment sees Eddie and his trusty team heading to Ballyjamesduff in Cavan to try and take a totally different approach to getting what you want by using what you have. "33 people come together and there's only rule" Hobbs explains. "You have to give and you have to take from the club."

"The idea is to stop looking to the centre or to the government for assistance" he adds, "too see can well fill some of our own basic needs by pooling our resources together". And with Ireland's economy heading the right direction for a change, we have a feeling this pilot might just strike the right note.

The concept, which Eddie has developed along with European production powerhouse Endemol, is still very much in its infancy, but Hobbs is hopeful that it will be as enjoyable to watch as it was to bring to the television screen in the first place. "As peoples' characters reveal themselves to you there's remarkable depth that isn't apparent at the beginning" he says, "it's been extremely interesting and moving, and it was a privilege to be involved in something like this.

"Whether it'll be three in a row [following on from the success of Rip Off Republic and Show Me The Money] now I don't know, but I have a sense intuitively that this will reach people. It's positive too, it's redemptive."

Hobbs tells us to keep an eye out for one particularly moving moment in Sunday night's show, when a member of the community gets the one thing they've always desired at absolutely no cost. "Somebody who is, for me, a marvellous character really reveals himself in a really deep way and somebody else in the club handles it in a really great way too" he explains, pinpointing their exchange as one of the most inspiring.

"It's all about redemption and Roy Keane, a fellow Cork man, is back", Eddie chuckles. "He's redeemed as well."

Catch The Give Or Take Club on RTE One tonight at 6.30pm