Just this summer, comedian and talk show host Chelsea Handler announced she was leaving E! and signing a new deal with Netflix, in what will be the first ever chat show on the streaming service. That show will be launched in 2016, however, in between times you can watch her first exclusive stand-up comedy special for Netflix, called Uganda Be Kidding Me Live, which is available to view as of today.

This show sees her regaling the audience with absurd tales of her global travels and the ridiculous characters in her life. Of course she does so in her own signature style tackling a wide range of subjects from her expectations of sexual partners, to the very real problem of dolphin rape (it's a thing). It's as edgy as comedy style as you can hope for, and one which will undoubtedly be popular among Netflix users.

We were lucky enough to get to speak to Chelsea about the new show during the week, which she actually performed in Dublin just last July. The comedian was full of the joys of Ireland telling us she felt that her and the Irish "were like two peas in a pod".

Handler went on to say; 'I'm really hoping to get back there and spend more time. When you are doing a live show, you really don't actually get to really see many places, but I definitely want to return to Ireland. Everybody loves the Irish!'

Aw shucks Chelsea, but yes, yes they do.

We also asked her what we could expect from this new chat show of hers coming to Netflix, but it appears nothing is set in stone as of yet; "At the moment we are just all sitting around a table trying to work out what exactly the show will be. I don't necessarily want it to be filled with celebrities, hopefully meeting actual real people and getting their stories."

Interesting, hopefully she'll have her besties Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon on it though... right?

Back to the matter at hand though, Uganda Be Kidding Me Live, which in case we didn't mention is based on her fifth book of the same name, is available now, and we even have a sneak peak of what you can expect below...