Baz Ashmawy is back on our telly boxes tonight for his new Sky One game show The Fanatics, following on from the massive success of 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy last year, which saw the TV personality bring his 71 year old Irish mother Nancy around the world trying out every type of death defying challenge you can think of. Not a bother to Nancy though, she nailed them all, the legend.

Baz told recently how the popularity of the show took everybody by surprise; "It's brilliant, it's selling really well around the world too - no one could have foreseen it," he said.

Nancy is taking her new found fame all in her stride too; "People can't help but jumping out of cars and saying hello or looking for a selfie when they see her. She's dealing with it very well though."

Mammy Nancy isn't joining him on his latest telly adventure though which as we said will see Baz presenting a brand new game show for Sky called The Fanatics, that Baz describes as a 'nerdy version of Mastermind'.

It sees three contestants who are, as he says; 'obsessed off the charts about whatever fanatical thing they are into. They are the type of people most would likely roll their eyes at but they're amazing'.

Three of these fanatics then compete against each other by answering a series of questions about their chosen topic. For example, in tonight's opening show there's a massive Doctor Who fan (a Whovian, as they are known), a boxing aficionado, and a dude who knows everything and anything about the London underground.

'Like being fanatical about the London underground sounds so boring but after talking to him for an hour you realise there's so much more to it and see how passionate he is about it. Their knowledge is just off the charts.' Baz said.

The winner is then crowned the Ultimate Fanatic and wins a prize that is catered for their chosen topic, so a Liverpool fan would win dinner with the team, that kind of thing. The London Underground guy would win... a lifetime pass on the tube?? Guess we'll find out tonight.

Don't miss the first show which kicks off tonight (Wednesday) on Sky 1 at 8pm

Don't forget, you can also vote for Baz and his mammy in's annual awards The Erics for Best Irish Couple of 2014 - an honour which Baz joked was 'a priviledge' and described as the 'most exciting and frightening thing I've heard all day'. 

We don't doubt it Baz.